sobota, 21. październik 2017, Kraków, Oceania - Centre of the Pacific Rim - International Conference

Z 21. październik 2017 - 10:00 Do 19:00
PolandKrakówul. Krupnicza 3331-123
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Institute of Middle and Far East Studies Jagiellonian University with Australia, New Zealand and Oceania Research Association invites to International Conference: "Oceania – centre of the Pacific Rim"
Pacific Rim unites most of the biggest economies in the World. From a few decades, predominance of the Pacific Ocean is the biggest. Today, the Pacific is the World's centre, but what with the Oceanian countries? People in Oceania experience diverse life-worlds undergoing profound transformations. History, political relations, trade, migration, urbanisation, religious movements, resource extraction, and climate change, as well as new technologies like the internet and mobile phones, are just some of the recent changes that are reconfiguring Pacific environments. Oceanian governments try to find their own paths of development between the Pacific Rim giants. With whom should they launch cooperatation? Is it better to unite with other small countries or stay alone? What is the driving force of the economic growth in Oceania? How hard is to be in the centre of the Pacific Rim? What are the advantages and what are the key problems in the Oceanian countries?
The theme of the conference : Oceania – centre of the Pacific Rim, encourages participants to discuss these questions by examining the specific empirical realities of the Pacific.
• The role of Oceania countries in the Pacific development (trade, tourism, agriculture, science)
• Oceania on the political crossroads (history, international relations, law)
• Oceania’s diversity and cultural richness (music, film, craft)

Please note that the abstract should include your name, affiliation, a title and a paper proposal that should not exceed 200 words.

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Kilka chmur, temperatury w zakresie od 5°C do 16°C. Niska ciśnieniowa.

Oceania - Centre of the Pacific Rim - International Conference, Kraków zdarzenie

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