piątek, 01. styczeń 2100, Canton, **** Cheney is Finally Dead

Z 01. styczeń 2100 - 20:00 Do 23:00
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So I always wanted to have a party on the day that **** Cheney died, but there is no way to know when that is going to happen. By joining this event, you agree to participate spiritually and/or physically in a party on the night of **** Cheney's death.

— On the day that **** Cheney finally dies, the festivities will begin at 9pm Pacific Time, where you must take 9 shots of beer.
— post a photo of you and your party friends with the drink of your choice.
— every time your friend is lame, shoot them in the **** with a nerf gun
— the SURGE will happen at 11pm local time. When 11pm hits, you must take 11 more shots of beer.

**** Cheney is Finally Dead, Canton zdarzenie

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