środa, 18. lipiec 2018, Kazimierz, The Alternative Krakow Crawl (Jewish Quatre)

Z 18. lipiec 2018 - 20:00 Do 23:30


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Some of the greatest people among the Jewish nation were born here, it has a unique atmosphere due to its previous cultural importance to life in Krakow, you'll see many great examples of Jewish architecture but also places of great tragedy. Here you'll find students drinking shots with corporate types, locals chatting over a beer with forgeries and everything in between. 
But the most important thing of all are so many great bars to discover

We start the night by meeting in the main square at your choice of time, we then head to a local bar for an open bar with unlimited, beer, shots and spirits for 1 hour, we then take the tram down to the Jewish Quatre and start the crawl. We go to 4 or 5 bars depending on what is busy and what everyone is enjoying. 

The Alternative Krakow Crawl (Jewish Quatre), Kazimierz zdarzenie

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