poniedziałek, 06. maj 2019, HEVRE bar, Kraków Enterprise Mondays #24

Z 06. maj 2019 - 18:30 Do 21:30


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Kraków Enterprise Mondays are free pro-enterprise meetups where students in Kraków meet entrepreneurs and alumni who have gone into business in a friendly informal setting. GoalsThe main goal is to inspire students to think about entrepreneurship as a choice, educate them, help to understand world of business and be accessible to them so that they can ask you questions and get your feedback.
WhyAlumni who have gone into business are not enough actively engaged in supporting enterprise among current students. Many existing students are not aware of the opportunities that enterprise offers, careers available in Startups and the support available.For who?1. Students who want to start a business (or are thinking about it in future) and want to meet people who have gone into business 2. Entrepreneurs who want to help, meet pro enterprise students 3. Anyone else interested in enterprise and business or just curiousLineup soon to be announce!
All events will feature:1) Icebreaker games and integration activities to help those attending meet people and make contacts.2) Short presentations by entrepreneurs3) “Office hours” desks where entrepreneurs will give 1 on 1 feedback to students who have business ideas.4) Open MicPeople who want to pitch their business ideas are encouraged to do so - just contact us ahead of time. Entrepreneurial artists and entertainers who want to try to show/perform (maybe sell) to our audience can offer to do Open Mic performances. We have the following goals:1. To facilitate and encourage transfer of know how and capital to from successful businesspeople among the alumni of Polish Universities to current students who are interested in entrepreneurship2. To give current students access to role models among entrepreneurial alumni who can help transmit the message that business success is possible.3. To celebrate the business success of alumni. and the sense that the current generation of students (and maybe official University organs), appreciate and value entrepreneurial success.4. To encourage existing university alumni associations to include entrepreneurship support in their activities5. To provide a business friendly environment where students from different universities in Krakow can meet and get to know each other, and develop their networks. 6. To encourage Student Societies to support business and social entrepreneurship among their members. Meeting will be predominantly in English, but Polish speakers are welcome and will be accommodated. FAQ 1. Why English? We will be friendly to both languages, but suggest English is a better language for ambitious entrepreneurs. As Willy Brandt famously said: If I am selling to you, I speak your language. If I am buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen.
Who is behind the project?Richard Lucas - Open Coffee Krk, TEDxKazimierz, #omgkrkEwelina Skrzypczyk- Kraków Enterprise Mondays Project LeaderAnna Smoleń UEKJulia Mazurek UEKLucyna Nguyen UEKFaustyna Kuźma UEKAnia Puchała AGHJakub Klimek UEK
Partners / Supporters:omgkrkOpen Coffee KrkKoło Naukowe Prawa Schola LegemRe:view
Want to help or partner with us? Let us know!
See you on Monday May 6th!

Kraków Enterprise Mondays #24, HEVRE bar zdarzenie

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