wtorek, 30. kwiecień 2019, SPACE Craft Pub, Openbeer for entrepreneurs!

Z 30. kwiecień 2019 - 18:00 Do 23:59

SPACE Craft Pub

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Are you part of #opencoffeekrk or #KrakowEnterpriseMonday network -  interested in business or social  entrepreneurship - or just like meeting new people. 
If yes - this event is for you!We officially invite you to join this informal meeting to share ideas, contacts, projects or just to spend some time together.  
The first beer is on us if you say "Open Coffee" or "KEM" when you order at the , for the occasion you will find our delicious homemade tacos and there will be also a live concert later.
We will try speed dating icebreakers at regular intervals.If this event is a success -  we may do it regularly. 
Make sure you support this one (a certain percentage of the Krakow population finds Open Coffee Krakow a little too early).About Kraków Enterprise Mondays Friendly informal free English language meetups where three experienced or newbie business and social entrepeneurs give short presentations on 1 Who they are 2 What they do, 3 What lessons they've learnt and 3 What advice they would give to someone starting on their entrepreneurial journey  
About Open Coffee Kraków  Friendly free informal meetings every two weeks for business and social entrepeneurs since 2012. Everyone gets 1-2 minutes to say  1 Who they are 2 What they do 3. what they want 4 how they can help other people in room  

Openbeer for entrepreneurs!, SPACE Craft Pub zdarzenie

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