niedziela, 09. czerwiec 2019, Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Endless Night : WGT Vampire Salon 2019

Z 09. czerwiec 2019 - 21:00
Do 10. czerwiec 2019 - 1:00


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You are cordially invited a private event for the Endless Night - WGT Vampire Salon Noir - Spring Edition. This event is the central gathering for the Vampire Culture (VC). This event will be hosted by Father Sebastiaan himself and JoHanna Moresco of The Cruxshadows. HISTORY of SALON NOIRS: Salons are held by influential members of the Vampire Culture and are inspired by the Factory of Andy Warhol and the esoteric salon noir gatherings of La Bell Epoque Paris (1872-1914). DRESS CODE is default all black, aristocratic formal attire as seen on the Vampire Salon Pinterest. Ladies: : Fangs, Contacts and Legacy Ankhs are highly by Father Sebastiaan can be booked at Agra Hall by following the link : CULTURE: Please review the Vampire Culture FAQ at if you haven’t already. BLACK VEILS: If you wish to know more in-depth the Vampire Culture please read the book Black Veils: The Vampire Lexicon. This will give you the most out of the experience. English edition copies will be available for $20 during the salon and personally signed by Father Sebastiaan. You can also order the book online at DRINK SPECIALS: throughout the evening ask for the Bloodbath and absinthe drink OF CONDUCT: Must be followed by all guests who enter the event.

Endless Night : WGT Vampire Salon 2019, Wave-Gotik-Treffen zdarzenie

W TYM ROKU zrobię sobie tatuaż !

W TYM ROKU zrobię sobie tatuaż !

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