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Opis wydarzenia
After signing-up for this course you will be allocated a username and password to access Training Tracker. Once allocated, you will be able to access the software to complete the course and short assessment.  You will also be asked to complete an evaluation sheet, so please do provide us with as much feedback as possible. This course will take 30-40 minutes to complete.
This online training module aims to introduce the concept of seasonal adjustment for time series. It is recommended that the online module “An Introduction to Time Series” is completed first. The Introduction to Seasonal Adjustment module outlines why seasonal adjustment is important and what is the generic process to achieve seasonally adjusted series. Learners are introduced to the concepts of prior adjustment and the effect of calendar arrangement on seasonal adjustment, as well as common aspects that need to be considered in the process, such as the length of the series and revisions. There is also a brief exercise with answers provided.
 Learning outcomes:
By the end of the module participants will gain a basic understanding of:

The benefit of seasonal adjustment
What time series properties need to be considered before seasonally adjusting
The importance of prior adjustment and calendar effects
Common issues associated with seasonal adjustment
Software for seasonal adjustment

Pre-requisite modules:
-        Introduction to Time Series (online)
Follow ups and associated modules:

Pokaż więcej
-        Introduction to Forecasting (online)
-        GSS Intermediate Seasonal Adjustment Course (class-based)

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