piątek, 24. styczeń 2020, Castlefield Bowl, 'The Winter Gincident' Gin Cocktail Cruise - 7pm (The Liquorists)

Z 24. styczeń 2020 - 19:00 Do 22:00

Castlefield Bowl

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The Gincident - Winter Special
Gin is the quintessential British spirit, but its origins lie far from these shores – over this 3 hour excursion we will take you on a journey through the history of Gin from the Gin Craze of the 17th Century to the modern era with the biggest selection of high quality Juniper based spirits the world has ever seen.
We will see how Gin has changed our drinking habits, our society and even our language – Each attendee will received 7 drinks aboard – 2 long and refreshing Gin and Tonics, and 5 cocktails designed to show how versatile the Gins we utilise are, and how varied the category has become. Cocktails will vary with seasons and Gin brands. 
We feed everyone aboard our cruises, and on the Gincident the food takes the form of huge sharing platters of cured meats and cheeses, freshly baked bread, chutneys, crackers, pickled bits, and balsamic onions…Summer on a board and a treat for the senses. 

We only use the highest quality ingredients in our drinks, that starts with the best Gins and end with the best tonics…and everything in-between!!

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Get it booked quick!!
Ill be honest guys, tickets do sell very fast. One minute we'll have 20 left then over a period of a weekend it'll of sold out and we have to disappoint others. 

Group Bookings (10+)
As usual, we will be offering group booking discounts. Whole boat charters are available depending on the date - drop us a line to find out more. We also offer a deposit option for bookings 90+ days away. Please email Simon@theliquorists.com for group bookings!
One last thing...
***FYI - The Liquorists' cruises are ***** only no one under 18 is allowed on the is served and the language gets a little spicy at of a sensitive disposition YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!
However...we are not suitable for stag do's! Whilst we booze on a cruise, a 'booze cruise' we are not. A far more gentle and serene affair.... ;)
Any questions on the suitability or style of our events email bookings@

'The Winter Gincident' Gin Cocktail Cruise - 7pm (The Liquorists), Castlefield Bowl zdarzenie

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