poniedziałek, 28. październik 2019, Collegium Da Vinci, CDV | Geometry Prog. Workshop: Sound Sculpting Universe | Katrin Hochschuh

Z 28. październik 2019 - 10:00
Do 29. październik 2019 - 16:00

Collegium Da Vinci

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Opis wydarzenia
Geometry Programming Workshop: Sound Sculpting Universe
*approximately 6 hours by Katrin Hochschuh
 Workshop 1: 28th Oct, 10 am - 16 pm, possibility of extending
 Workshop 2: 29th Oct, 10 am - 16 pm, possibility of extending

(max Nr. of participants per workshop: 10, total 20)

Description of Workshop 1 and Workshop 2

Introduction to parametric 3D geometries based on UV-surfaces and how to take advantage of mathematical models for creative purposes. Showing practical examples used in performances and giving an insight into how it works.
Participants will learn to create a parametric model of 3D geometries through programming which can adapt to the input of sound. Different strategies to manipulate the geometries will be explored – to grow or shrink, to implode or to explode, smooth transformations and abrupt shape shifting, suddenly appearing or dissolving slowly in transparency.

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Additionally, to the workshops, we can also put the results of both workshops together into an audio-reactive projection on the 3rd day.
For who: 

The workshop is targeted towards students that are interested in design and want to explore the possibilities of parametric design and programming as well as students that want to investigate the creative possibilities of mathematical geometries and the input of sound.

The workshops will subsequently build up and are also suitable for students with no programming background.

UV-geometries: from 2D to 3D, processing, peasycam (3d camera perspective), controlP5 (slider input), minim (sound input), osc (open sound control)

Dear Participants:

Students need a laptop. I recommend using a mouse.

Best already download processing from . It’s freeware.

And install libraries by opening processing and clicking in the menu bar on: Sketch > Import Library… > Add Library…

Then a window called “Contribution Manager” opens where you can search for libraries. In the Filter / Search field type the names of the following libraries and click install when you found them:

- controlP5 (this is for GUI, sliders etc.)
- peasyCam (3D camera, mouse-controlled)
- Minim (sound input and generation)
- oscP5 (open sound control communication between devices)

Short BIO of Katrin Hochschuh
Katrin Hochschuh is a media artist and architect. She has an architectural background in digital design and robotic fabrication, exploring robotic behaviors, architectural geometries, algorithms, swarm simulation and interactivity.

More information at Hochschuh&Donovan - 
And at Katrin Hochschuh - 

CDV | Geometry Prog. Workshop: Sound Sculpting Universe | Katrin Hochschuh, Collegium Da Vinci zdarzenie

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