poniedziałek, 28. październik 2019, Collegium Da Vinci, CDV | Parabolic Speaker Workshop | Adam Donovan

Z 28. październik 2019 - 10:00
Do 29. październik 2019 - 16:00

Collegium Da Vinci

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Opis wydarzenia

Directional Sound - Parabolic Speaker Workshop
*approximately 6 hours by Adam Donovan

 Workshop 1: 28th Oct, 10 am - 16 pm, possibility of extending
 Workshop 2: 29th Oct, 10 am - 16 pm, possibility of extending

(max Nr. of participants per workshop: 10, total 20)
Description of Workshop 1 and Workshop 2
This workshop centers on how it is possible to physically manipulate sound to be more directional or focused. I will introduce you to the theory of various forms of sound focusing technologies including parametric speakers and parabolic speakers.We will create a sound focusing speaker robot with 1 axis using a parabolic speaker.
Students will learn the fundamental physics of how a parabolic speaker can focus soundI will an introduction to motor control with Arduino basic servo stepper motor control using Arduino including acceleration.
We will work with 3d printed parabolic shapes and adjust focal points based on the types of small speakers we have. We will then modify the 3D model to fit our speakers into the reflector.

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We will get the opportunity to create a very simple but effective speaker amplifier using the LM386. These small IC’s can output a lot of volume and are a very cheap source for creating an amplifier that can be used in your own projects.
We will then use one of our Lm386 circuits to drive the speaker used for the sound source of our parabolic dish.
I will also introduce you to controlling your Arduino with the program VVVV using a serial protocol I developed to allow for a range of data to be sent as serial (USB) messages.

We will then take our speakers for a walk and experiment with various places to show how sound behaves in different acoustic locations. I encourage you to have some music samples you would like to try including any small synthesizers you may have.
If we still have time I will also go over theory of motors and control systems giving you examples and engineering tricks I’ve learnt over the years. Subjects included will be stepper motors, using the Accelstepper library, how to hack a servo for control, various forms of motion feedback ranging from potentiometers to more exotic forms of positions sensors such as the Austrian Microsystems as504 magnetic hall effect sensor array.
Dear Participants:

Additionally to the workshop participants are invited to combine all the devices we make to create a multi-channel audio installation.
The workshop will be in English and participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops.
Participants should also bring any old headphones or mobile phones to recycle the speaker drivers and any power banks to power their speakers.

Short BIO of Adam Donovan
Donovan’s work combines the highly specialized field of scientific acoustics and robotics with the visual arts which he has been researching since 1996 to transform this into his artistic medium. His work has been shown across the globe at prestigious venues and festivals from, ISEA Dubai, WRO media arts festival Poland, NEXT advanced music festival Slovakia and the Museum of Digital Art Zurich. 
More information at Hochschuh&Donovan - 

CDV | Parabolic Speaker Workshop | Adam Donovan, Collegium Da Vinci zdarzenie

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