czwartek, 24. październik 2019, Vega, Egora Society, Poland (global discussion & action)

Z 24. październik 2019 - 18:00 Do 20:00


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Opis wydarzenia

We are an international network of THINKERS and ACTIVISTS who meet regularly to discuss topics pertaining to a variety of fields, most notably:

– Philosophy

– Economics

– Social Science

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– Environmental Science
– Technology
– Politics

– International Relations

Our processes are facilitated by the use of a groundbreaking tool in learning, communication, and democratic organization – "The Worldwide Stock-Market of Ideas" called Egora (Electronic Agora).

Everyone is welcome, and participation is completely free! 
(Minimum purchase may be required at the venue)

Please TRY to be on time.
Look for our symbol on the table ;-)



Our meetings serve four main functions –

1) Discussing and learning about real issues;

2) Having a measurable effect by using our system, Egora;

3) Settling organizational matters for the advancement of our organization;

4) Having fun by connecting with thoughtful and caring people.

Do not be shy. We will explain how everything works. We are here to empower each other.


Casual but goal oriented.


6:00 ~ 6:10 > introductions/socializing6:10 ~ 6:30 > presentation, Q&A6:30 ~ 7:50 > discussion and lobbying7:50 ~ 8:00 > organizational matters and closing remarks8:00pm... > continued discussion and lobbying


Ideally, laptop, tablet, or smartphone; but, at least pen and paper.

Egora Society, Poland (global discussion & action), Vega zdarzenie

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