sobota, 09. maj 2020, The Royal British Legion, Angels Reunited at Long Melford Royal British Legion Social Club

Z 09. maj 2020 - 19:00 Do 22:00

The Royal British Legion

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A Psychic & Clairvoyant Evening hosted by Angels Reunited.
Angels Reunited consists of Lorraine and Toni who have worked extensively across the UK, performing sell out live shows and at private parties. They are loved by many and each event is completely unique.
Angels Reunited will leave the audience feeling uplifted and comforted, knowing that their loved ones are so very close and just a breath away.
With the natural ability to link both psychically and clairvoyantly, Angels Reunited are able to connect to matters of the heart enabling you to have an amazing experience of sensing and sometimes seeing and hearing your loved ones.

Angels Reunited at Long Melford Royal British Legion Social Club, The Royal British Legion zdarzenie

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